Who is it for?

End Users: You know exactly what you want. On the other hand, letting a coder and a designer know exactly what you want is a totally different story. Even if you find the right people for the job - which is a major hasssle alone- you would still need to supervise them, track them down to ask questions and depend on them for applying changes. Let's face it, today you need to spend at least $600 to own a simple website if you were on a lucky streak with all the variables. Ultimatum is your lucky charm available only for $69.99!

Designers : You have created a nice web design for your client and now it needs to be coded. By default, you would be in need of a talented coder who can bring your imagination into life. However, finding a good developer is not an easy task and generally ends up with frustration. This will not be your story anymore. With the simple yet effective panels of Ultimatum, you are now a developer without typing a single line of code. Meet the freedom and luxury of independence today by simply buying your copy of Ultimatum!

Developers: You are asked to deliver a WordPress site and given a design. You have done all asked from you but then the client decides on some last minute changes like margins, fonts colors and positioning... Probably this is the story which ends with you breaking a keyboard... Trying to explain that last minute changes are not going to happen magically but would consume your time is pointless. What if that magic was possible? UItimatum is the wand and you are the sorcerer!

Ultimatum is the ultimate tool for WordPress that enables you to bring your dreams to true life. With no required coding knowledge

Ultimate Features

  • Real Drag'n Drop Layouts
  • Create unlimited templates
  • Assign templates to anything you want
  • Unlimited styling Options
  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Slideshows
  • Unlimited Shortcodes
  • Unlimited Post Types
  • Unlimited Custom Taxonomies
  • Smart Engines
  • Unique feature Widgets
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated Support

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1- You cannot sell the product to any of your clients or use the product on their sites. Please encourage your clients to buy their own copies or buy for them from your panel for $35. This is only for you to use on your own domains.

2- Ultimatum is a developing product. There will be a new major version with more functionality added on Ultimatum. Buyers with developer license will never pay any penny to have those versions to be created.